Hacienda is bounded by Interstate 580 to the north, Hopyard Road to the west, Santa Rita Road to the east, and the Arroyo de la Laguna to the south. At more than 875 acres, Hacienda is the largest of development of its kind in Northern California and one of the largest in the nation.

Hacienda is located at the northern edge of the City of Pleasanton. The project is a Planned Unit Development with a number of separate land use designations. In the course of its development, Hacienda's owners donated nearly 150 acres of the property to the public, including land set aside for streets and roads, flood control improvements, and other appurtenances. Additional public set-asides have been made over the years for parks, trails, and additional public amenities. The remaining 730 acres is home to a diverse array of corporate office buildings to research and development facilities to retail stores to single family homes.
Less: State Highway and Street Area
  Channel Dedication 14.252  
  Parcels H, I, K removed from
Total Net

Hacienda is a Planned Unit Development with a number of separate land use designations. The following table provides information on they separate types of land use designations, the amount of land devoted to each and the status of the development of that land. Undeveloped sites are lots with no existing development. Partially Developed sites include lots with approved but as yet unbuilt projects.
Net Usable
Land by Use
Developed Undeveloped Partially Developed Total
CPD 60.390 0.000 0.000 60.390
OGPD 23.397 0.000 0.000 23.397
OMPD 58.667 0.000 0.000 58.667
OPD 20.160 0.000 0.000 20.160
IPD 139.006 0.000 2.729 141.735
HDR 112.156 0.000 18.598 130.754
MOIPD 88.003 0.000 36.610 124.613
MCOIPD 61.093 0.000 53.458 114.551
MCOIRPD 42.249 0.000 0.000 56.392
PI 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000
TOTAL 605.121 0.000 111.395 730.659
Investor Owned       385.776
Owner Occupied       344.883
CPD (Commercial/Retail) PI (Public and Institutional)
OGPD (Garden/Office) HDR (High Density Residential)
OMPD (Mid-Rise Office) MOIPD (Mixed Office/Industrial)
OPD (General Office) MCOIPD (Mixed Commercial/Office/Industriall)
IPD (R&D/Office Flex) MCOIRPD (Mixed Commercial/Office/Industrial/Residential)