Hacienda's site has a number of opportunities to order special materials or items related to benefits and offers. In many cases, where distribution of these items is limited to authorized users, the page you are on will require you to log onto our site or you will be prompted for user information.

Your Hacienda Account
The easiest way to make sure that ordering or accessing materials from our site is made simple is to be sure that your user account is set up so that we recognize you during the ordering process. If you have not done so already, please check to see that your account is set up to correctly reflect your user status as either: General, Employee, Resident, Business, Owner or Vendor. Verification of authorized user roles can be seen on the Member Home page after you have successfully logged into the site. Refer to the User Account section under Help for additional details on setting up accounts. You may also set up more than one user role if applicable to your situation. Please note that each role requires verification and authorization by our office.

Exclusive Connections
Hacienda's site allows you to order a number of items in a variety of ways. Through the establishment of online relationships with certain service providers and venues, logging into your account will give you access to special connections to our partner's sites so that you can take advantage of opportunities and programs. As an example, access to Hacienda's Six Flags and Knotts Berry Farm discount tickets, and many of the items in our Special Offers section, is accomplished by first establishing an Employee, Resident, Business or Owner account. Once this account has been verified and approved, you will be able to access these and other online discount tickets when you are logged into your account and visit the page featuring the offer. You can find many such offers by going to the Special Offers tool and reviewing the selections.

Materials Delivered to Your Door
Other items, such as those fulfilled by our office, require that you complete information on the site and submit it; after which, once the order is received, we will fulfill the request and deliver materials to your attention. As an example, Hacienda's free ECO Pass and New Rider tickets, are made available by completing the associated forms on our site. However, before doing so, you must first establish the appropriate user account and be authorized as either an Employee, Resident, Business or Owner. Items on our site that require the completion of forms will automatically fill themselves with you user information when you access the form while logged into the site. Logging in is required for you to submit some forms as the offers and opportunities presented are only available to authorized users of the site. Hacienda's free ECO Pass can be obtained by going to the ECO Pass page within the Commute listings under Special Offers. When you go to this page while logged into your account, you will see the order form appear at the bottom of the page with your contact information. There are a few additional questions that you will need to answer including a special verification question that you must answer right above the Submit button. This last question has been added as part of the process of verifying that a legitimate request for materials is being made to our office. Orders made in this way will be delivered to the address associated with your account.

Resource Center
With establishment of your user roles, Hacienda's site will allow you to access materials appropriate to that role for download directly from our site. As an example, the Resource Center within your account  area will allow you to see a number of different files based on your user role. In addition, a number of Special Offers present coupons or materials to authorized users that can be printed or saved directly from our site. To access the Resource Center, simply do the following:
  • log on to your account (visit our Help section for details on Hacienda accounts:,
  • select the gold Welcome button at the top of the screen displaying your user name,
  • choose the Resource Center menu item, and
  • retrieve items directly from the various folders found on the screen to your right
Additional Information
For an overview of items available to different users, be sure to review the Content section under Help for additional details. Please also feel free to contact our office using the information found in the Contact link at the bottom of each page of our site if there are any questions regarding how to utilize our web site.