If you are an Owner of a Business or Site wihtin Hacienda you can register for a General Account and attach an Owner/Investor role to the profile.  Please note - homeowners would apply for a Resident account.

Creating a Owner New Account
Select 'Login/Create Account'from the top of any web page.
Select 'Create an Account'
This will take you to the member registration page and ask you to 'Create a Profile'.
Initiate your account by setting up a username and password. Complete all Site and Company Information. Finish by selecting the blue 'Complete Registration' button.
Select the blue 'Change Roles' button if you need to edit your profile.

Once submitted, you will have have complete access to all of the special features available to an Owner account user. Additional features are available to other user groups. To augment your account with different roles, simply follow the instructions below. Employee - people who work within Hacienda; Resident - people who live within a Hacienda community; Owner - Hacienda owners and investors; Business - companies within Hacienda; Vendor - companies interested in doing business with Hacienda.
After you have requested your account, you will see that authentication of your information is being processed.
Once the account has been validated, the user will receive a confirmation email. This means the account is activated.
From the top of the Hacienda homepage you can sign into your account, make changes and request information.

Each time you create a new role, your new role will be authenticated before activation. Once activated, you will have the full use of all of the features associated with that role. For specific information on establishing and maintaining specific roles, be sure to visit the other pages in the Accounts section under Resources.