Any employee of a Hacienda business or resident of a Hacienda residential community (Anton Hacienda, Avila, Siena, Springhouse, Park Hacienda, Valencia or Verona) can establish an Employee/Resident user account by following the instructions below. Be sure to review the Content section under Resources to learn more about site features associated with each type of user role.

Establishing an Employee or Resident Account
To create your own Hacienda "Employee" and/or "Resident" account to gain access to the many special features on our site simply select 'LOG IN >>' at the top of any page on our site. 
If you already have a General account, you can easily upgrade your existing General account to an Employee or Resident account by following the directions in the General section under User Accounts. If you are just getting started, select the gold link underneath the login information to Create an Account.
Initiate a new account by entering your name and setting up a user name and password. To gain access to special user features available to Hacienda affiliates, scroll down and select "Employee - Employee of Business located in Hacienda" and/or "Resident - Resident living in a community in Hacienda" and select the blue Register button. 
Complete all of the details, on the following page. If you are registering as an Employee chose your employer from the drop down menu. If you are registering as a Resident you will need to type your complete home address in the fields.  Once the form is complete select the blue Complete Registration button.
Once submitted, your account will be verified and a confirming e-mail sent indicating that your account has been activated.  When activated, you will have have complete access to all of the special features available to an Employee or Resident account user.

Updating Your Employee or Resident Account Information
To update your Employee account, with your company's new location, simply select 'LOG IN >>' at the top of any page on our site. 
On the Member Login page, log in to your account, using your Identity (user name) and Password
On the left hand navigation, of the Member Home page, choose Review / Update Profile.
One the Change Profile Page, under Employee or Resident, select the company or residence information that appears under the Employee or Resident heading.
If the contact information is correct, simply select Cancel.  If it is incorrect, choose your company from the drop down menu (Employee) or supply the information relating to your residential address (Resident).
Select Update at the bottom of the form to submit your information.

Each time you update your account, your new information will be authenticated before activation. Once activated, you will have the full use of all of the features associated with that role. For specific information on establishing and maintaining additional roles, be sure to visit the other pages in the Accounts section under Resources.