CarpoolHacienda is a strong supporter of ridesharing and provides many ridesharing accommodations. Carpools (two - six people driving to work together regularly) and vanpools (seven or more people commuting together) are encouraged and assisted in many ways. A special rideshare pass is available from Hacienda to allow you access to preferred parking when you carpool or vanpool to work.

Rideshare Benefits
Joining a carpool or vanpool has several benefits. Two in particular, cost and convenience, are among the main reasons commuters find these options attractive. Carpoolers and vanpoolers save dramatically on the expenses associated with the wear and tear on a personal vehicle as these costs are divided over a group. In addition, vanpool drivers receive additional benefits from these program as they typically ride for free and obtain personal use of the vehicle after hours and on weekends. With customized commute matching, convenience is assured as commuters with similar living and working arrangements are pooled together. You can also take advantage of the following:
  • Hacienda Preferential Parking for Rideshare - Hacienda provides a special parking location incentive for those who share a ride to work. Hacienda's design guidelines require all sites within the park to provide preferential parking spaces to those vehicles used for ridesharing at a rate of five percent (5%) of the total stalls required for a given project. These spaces are marked as ridesharing spaces and are located adjacent to the front entry of each building. Your Hacienda rideshare pass will allow you access to these spaces. Drivers display passes in the windshield of cars parking in a designated carpool/vanpool space. Hacienda Security Officers monitor usage of these spaces as needed to insure appropriate use of the stalls.
  • 511 Regional Rideshare Program - Hacienda works closely with the 511 Regional Rideshare Program to allow our employees and residents easy access to the region's largest commuting database (you can see our 511 Regional Rideshare Special Offer here: 511 Regional Rideshare Program). People interested in joining or forming a carpool or vanpool simply fill out one of 511's matchlist forms outlining their commute preferences. Based on the information provided, 511 Regional Rideshare Program will forward a list of people with similar commute patterns.
  • Vanpool Services - Hacienda also works with two other organizations offering comprehensive vanpooling programs: VPSI and Enterprise. These organizations offer a variety of program options to help customize their vanpooling arrangements to meet customer needs while taking care of the majority of the administrative details themselves. Combined, they offer a number of different leases and can work individually with employers and employees to customize convenient vanpool commutes for a variety of group sizes.
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Commute Services
Managing your commute has never been easier thanks to a variety of great commute options and assistance available to help determine the best ways to package your choices. Be sure to visit the pages on our site to learn about these resources or contact our office directly for personalized help with our commute experts.


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